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Homeowners spend time and resources to upkeep and improve the interior and exterior of their houses. But how does home maintenance impact resale value?

Consumers recently posted their top real estate questions on Instagram and RE/MAX agents, each affiliated with an independently owned and operated RE/MAX brokerage, answered! Here’s what they had to say.

Q: How can I increase my home’s resale value?
“Homeowners looking to increase their home’s resale value have many options from small to large scale. Some opt to upgrade their existing kitchens [or] bathrooms, converting carpeted rooms to hardwood or LVT floors – and adding a fresh coat of paint. Others may have attics and basements that they can refinish to create more livable space and/or add a level if they live in a one-story home. If there’s room in the home, some have added a home office or bedroom. As you’re upgrading, [consider adding] final finishes that buyers may want. Examples [include] simple conveniences like outlets with USB ports, smart home technology, and even converting to solar for electricity needs. Other options include adding a deck or patio area – features that increase a home’s resale value and offer outdoor enjoyment.” – Judy Chin, RE/MAX Villa, Edgewater, NJ

Q: What aspects of my home may lower its value if not fixed?
“There are sooooo many! Any cosmetic repairs or anything that could visibly be seen. I typically will tell my sellers to always start as you approach the front door. If it isn’t pleasing to the eye, the buyer has already made the decision that they think the house is not well-maintained. It’s very important to make sure the door is clean [and] painted if needed. The door handle needs to not be rusted and should appear somewhat new. Landscaping should be fresh and definitely [get rid of] weeds. Any trim that is wood and appears to have rotted should be replaced and painted. Although these things may not typically lower the value of the actual home, they can lower the value in the buyers mind. Other items… The mechanics: Although they do not need to be brand new, they do need to be serviced. Lack of servicing [means you will get] less use out of it. Patched roofs [can be] really noticeable [and detract from] the curb appeal. For flooring, if there is carpet: Is it worn? Is it stretched out? Are the hardwood floors in decent shape? What about checking under your sinks? Have they rotted from leaks?” – Donna Deaton, RE/MAX Victory + Affiliates, Liberty Township, Ohio

Q: How much time and money does it take to increase resale value?
“When homeowners are looking to embark on small- or large-scale home projects, the amount of time and money will vary depending on the scope of the project. Smaller projects that allow for ‘Do It Yourself’ elbow grease may cost less but take more time. Outsourcing to general contractors may be reserved for larger scale projects and costs vary depending on the project, home size and materials or finishes used. Licensed general contractors [should be] familiar with the township/city construction code requirements to ensure the project is completed safely and properly.” – Judy Chin, RE/MAX Villa, Edgewater, NJ

Q: How can I effectively keep up with maintenance over time if I plan on selling down the road?
“Get a maintenance program set up with a local HVAC technician, and a plumber to service and clean the HVAC and drain and refill the water heater. Maintain your plumbing! If you have a sump pump, make sure it’s working properly and has a battery back up.” – Donna Deaton, RE/MAX Victory + Affiliates, Liberty Township, Ohio

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