Rent To Own

Curious to know about Rent to Own ?

Are you longing to own a home or condo but finding it financially challenging? Discover the innovative Rent to Own program brought to you by Shannon and Samira of The MovingSimcoe Team, in partnership with Clover Properties, serving Barrie, Innisfil, Orillia, and Simcoe County.

Why Choose Rent to Own?

Immediate Access: Move into your desired property now and start building equity from day one. Every payment brings you closer to homeownership.

Overcome Mortgage Hurdles: If traditional mortgage approval has been elusive, Rent to Own offers an accessible pathway. Secure your home while improving your financial standing.

Financial Investment: Instead of paying rent without gaining equity, invest in your future. Each payment contributes to owning your property.

Flexibility and Control: Choose the home you want to eventually own, with time to settle in and ensure it’s the right fit.

Clear Path to Ownership: With a structured agreement, plan confidently for your future as a homeowner.

Take the First Step: Whether you’re tired of renting or facing mortgage challenges, Rent to Own offers a clear path to homeownership. Start your journey today by completing the form below.