Teak Investing? A Guide to Understanding the International World, Ownership & Investing of Teak

Teak Investing? A Guide to Understanding the International World of, Ownership & Investing of Teak and How You Can Benefit

Latin America is considered the most investor‑friendly teak market for North American investors. Native to southeast Asia, teakwood has been used for centuries. In its earliest years, teak was used by native tribes of Southeast Asia to build homes, tools, and boats. In an archaeological dig in Berenice Panchrysos, an ancient a port on the Indian Roman trade route, remnants of a teak boat were found, with experts dating.

Teak farms later spread outside of Asia, in the early 1900’s with seeds brought to Nigeria from India and then later to the Americas, with Trinidad & Tobago being the first countries in the region to plant teak.

Soon after, countries like Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama followed suit as it became apparent that teak plantations were a legitimate way of earning money.
Today there are more than 3 million hectares (2 billion square meters) of land reserved for teak plantations throughout the world.

About Teak

Teak (tectona grandis) is a valuable, highly sought‑after hardwood.

Due to its remarkable qualities including being resistant to rot, fungus, termites, and fire, teak has an established role in the production of many high‑end wood products.

It is commonly used as the hardwood of choice to make top‑quality outdoor furniture and high‑end home construction materials that are known to last for centuries.

One of the most unique and desirable aspects of doing business with Teak Hardwoods is that when you buy the teak, you will own the teak. An investment not only for you, but also a prudent and wise investment for your kids.

Why Teak 

Investment in timber, historically proven to be high return & low risk, can be your key to creating generational wealth and providing you with the perfect Plan B Second Residency in Panama or Nicaragua.

  • Benefit from the unique financial properties of teak, such as being a hedge against inflation.
  • Benefit from tax-deferred growth. Literally watch your assets grow no matter the economic climate.
  • Latin America is the most investor‑friendly teak market for North American investors.
  • Earn double-digit returns



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