Key Lessons from J-Lo and Ben Affleck’s Mansion Saga: Prioritize Your Needs, Plan Your Exit Strategy, and Avoid Emotional Buys

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In the land of make believe in LA and celebrity. Really now. Ya don’t say? I wonder how that’s going for them. “Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are >quietly< trying to sell the $61 million Beverly Hills mansion they’ve shared since June 2023″ as another headline reads: “Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have >quietly< put the Beverly Hills mansion they have shared together since June 2023 on the market”


This Is Not Celebrity Gossip – Real Estate Related

Ok, so for clarity, this post is not about celebrity gossip. My brain, always thinks “ok, they’re human people with human feelings just like us who happen to have huge notoriety for what they do. This does not mean they don’t make huge mistakes and think emotionally instead of pragmatically. I’m talking about home buying and real estate. No celebrity factor here.

I don’t know them personally so won’t get into the gossip BUT as a professional real estate agent, if the following is true then yes, I have seen this and applies to everyone….

  • Regardless of who you are, when selling, any buyers knowing personal motivation is not a good thing and can be taken advantage of – and sell for less.
  • Know before you buy. It’s alleged that: “that neither of them have been happy with the $61 million house.”
    Ben never liked the house. It’s too far away from his kids,” and as for J-LO “the house is way too big for her”

Ok…stop right there. Again, no matter what the price tag (but let’s admit, trying to offload a $61 million dollar house is a specific niche to a special elite and given the fact that they only purchased a year ago, which had already been on the market for a long time, having seen significant price corrections, how much equity or appreciation is there, really?)” but I digress…

Ok, back to reality for a moment. Think about your own situation and may this be a lesson. Take all things into consideration:

  1. Prioritize features that align with your lifestyle preferences
  2. Don’t just buy a home to please a partner
  3. Co-parenting? Think of proximity to ex’s home and children’s school beforehand. Factor this into your purchase decision and neighbourhood before committing to a large purchase like this.
  4. House is too big? Perhaps a 38,000 square-foot home on five acres of land with 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 12-car garage, 155-feet long edge pool, sports complex with basketball and pickleball facilities, 5,000-square-foot guesthouse, a caretaker house and a two-bedroom guardhouse, a gym and a boxing ring cinema, wine room and a whisky lounge. It also has a spa with a hair and nail salon, sauna, massage room and stylist area.. Plus a sports lounge and bar. Not here to judge – did you really need those extra 12 bathrooms? 😉 Ok…I think the indoor sports complex is cool though and perhaps, wouldn’t need parking for 92 cars
  5.  Exit strategy. Regardless of anyone’s personal situation. Be secure in yours. Stuff happens. Life happens. How quickly can you dissolve this real estate purchase and for how much of a gain/loss? Think about this. If the property you’re looking at purchasing was priced much higher and sat for a long time (in this case, $135 million was original list price then reduced to $75) – if that seller didn’t have success and you’re wanting to sell only a year later, will you recoup your costs?

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