Preventing Our Clients to Waive Home Inspections…

Is it a good idea to waive your home inspection? Here’s a great interview with RE/MAX Approved Supplier Pillar to Post as they walk through the process of guiding you in the right direction.

What we love about this video and tips are that they not only pertain to buyers but sellers as well. For example, should you pre-list?

They cover:

  • what are pros and cons
  • is it a good idea?
  • what if something is found?
  • what if you don’t get a home inspection?
  • and more…


A colleague of ours commented:

Pre-inspections makes great “negotiating” sense to support a smooth transaction for the seller as they are fully in the know as to any necessary repairs and/or concessions in lieu of the repairs

while another said:

I love them. In addition to the big ticket items. It also helps with the “Handyman nonsense” that buyers try to inflate the prices on.

A value add also suggested was:

“Great info – especially about the listing pre inspection s and having quotes on items that may need to be repaired on hand”

In case you didn’t know, at RE/MAX, we often get educational videos on how to best serve our clients given any real estate market. So rather than editing it, we just want to share what expertise and guidance we are told “Prevent Your Clients From Waiving a Home Inspection” For full transparency, this is a sponsored video from one of our many, RE/MAX Approved Supplier Pillar to Post. We hope you’ll find value as they walk you us all through the process of guiding us all in the right direction. This also applies to all facets of real estate – whether a pre-inspection in wanting to sell or buying or investing. When you’re ready for that step – go to this link to schedule a call or appointment with us:

Should you waive your home inspection? Click here to watch the video for more (will take you to YouTube)

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